Heartworm season is almost here!!! …Finally…

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Heartworm season is almost here…..prevention begins June 1, 2015

WHY DO MY PETS NEED TO BE ON HEARTWORM PREVENTION? Heartworm disease is a serious and potentially fatal disease. It is caused by a parasite Dirofilaris immitus. These worms live in the heart and adjacent blood vessels of infected animals.

HOW ARE HEARTWORMS TRANSMITTED? The disease is transmitted when mosquitoes carry microscopic baby heartworms from one dog to the next. It takes six months after your pet is bitten by an infected mosquito for him or her to have adult worms in the heart.

MY DOG STAY MOSTLY INSIDE AND HAS A THICK COAT. CAN HE/SHE STILL BECOME INFECTED WITH HEARTWORMS? The answer is YES !!! It only takes one mosquito to infect your pet. A thick coat will provide your pet with some protection, but it is not a guarantee because the hairs on the face and ears are thin enough that mosquitos can easily reach the pet’s body to feed.

HOW OFTEN DOES MY PET NEED TO BE ON PREVENTION AND FOR HOW LONG? Your pet needs to be given heartworm prevention on the same day each month. Unlike vaccinations, which are boostered periodically, heartworm prevention works only as long as you continue to give it. Should your pet be off of the medication, they would be at risk for getting heartworm. Prevention is safer and less costly than treatment. Pets need to be put on the prevention for the duration of their lives. In Manitoba pets should be on preventative throughout the mosquito season which is typically June to November. Pets traveling south in the winter should be on the prevention all year long.

IS IT REALLY THAT IMPORTANT FOR MY PET TO BE GIVEN THIS MEDICATION? In order for pets to have a healthy and happy life, the following things are essential: Food, water, shelter, love and good health. One important step towards maintaining good health is preventing potentially fatal diseases like heartworm disease. We, as a veterinary hospital feel that heartworm prevention is ESSENTIAL and NECESSARY for your pets to enjoy a long and healthy life.


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