• Mar 03 2020

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    March is National Tick Awareness Month!

    Did you know that ticks can survive when temperatures  are above 4 degrees celsius?   The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association has made a website that has many useful facts about…

  • Jan 20 2020

    Tips to keep your pets safe in cold weather

    Ah…..Winnipeg winter…..some days are manageable for both us and our pets and some days are not.   Please remember these tips to keep your pets safe during the cold months.   Reduce…

  • Sep 12 2019

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    Fall weather

    As vacations and summer travel come to an end, so do a lot of outdoor activities like going to the beach or lake with your dog. But with cooler weather comes new activities to enjoy with your…

  • Jul 17 2019

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    Summer weather

    Just a reminder that pets can get heat stroke very quickly in this incredible heat we have been experiencing.  Unlike people, dogs don’t sweat out excess body heat. While your dog…

  • Apr 26 2019

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    Saying the final good-bye to your family member is the hardest part of having a pet. We want your pet’s end of life experience to be as smooth and stress-free…

  • Mar 04 2016

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    Kennel cough information floating around…..

    There has been a lot of recent media attention to the wave of upper respiratory infection that’s been swweeping the city. Thankfully here at Dakota we’ve seen a big reduction…

  • Jul 10 2015

    A Word About Rescues…

    Dakota works with 4 or 5 different rescue organizations these days, to varying degrees. We see at least one rescue dog or cat a day, often several in one day….

  • Apr 06 2015

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    Heartworm season is almost here!!! …Finally…

    Heartworm season is almost here…..prevention begins June 1, 2015 WHY DO MY PETS NEED TO BE ON HEARTWORM PREVENTION? Heartworm disease is a serious and potentially fatal disease. It is…

  • Jan 28 2015

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    FREE Dental Exam with Technician for February Dental Month

    Your pet’s teeth are just the same as our own teeth – and can you imagine what your teeth and gums would look like (or worse smell like) if you…

  • Dec 28 2014

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    Holiday Hours

    Christmas Eve – 9am – 1pm Christmas Day – Closed Boxing Day – Closed New Years Eve – Closed for Inventory New Years Day – Closed From our Dakota family…