As a young girl animals have always been a passion of mine which lead to my career in dog grooming. I started grooming in 2006 as a bather. After a year of bathing I started to learn how to finish dogs which I picked up quickly and fell in love with the industry. From there I did some grooming competitions and walked away with ribbons. I believe in always trying to expand my knowledge and have attended continuing education seminars in Las Vegas, Hershey Pennsylvania, Newark, New Jersey and New Orleans as well as locally. The wealth of knowledge I gained from attending seminars has allowed me to become a much better groomer.

In 2014 I completed my Canadian Canine Master Stylist Technician. There is a written test on anatomy, first aid and health. Second step is to bath and dry a dog in front of judges. Second level is Canadian Canine Stylist which has 3 parts. First is grooming a sporting dog, 2 types of terriers and a non sporting dog in front of the judges. All dogs are scored on pattern of hair cut, scissor work and all over look. There is also 3 written exams on dog breeds which tests breed standards and breed specific questions. The final stage is a Masters exam. It’s a lengthy exam on more dog breeds, anatomy and health. Completing this has made my love for being a dog groomer much more concrete and I look forward to the future of competing more and attending more seminars to further my knowledge. I joined the Dakota family in October 2015 and have enjoyed reuniting with past clients and meeting new clients and their pets. When not grooming I like to spend my time riding my horse and with my 2 dogs.