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Tips to keep your pets safe in cold weather

By January 20, 2020 Uncategorized

Ah…..Winnipeg winter…..some days are manageable for both us and our pets and some days are not.   Please remember these tips to keep your pets safe during the cold months. 

  1.  Reduce walk times – Shorten your dog’s walk time during cold weather. Every pet is different, they do not experience cold temperatures the same due to physical differences. Dogs with thick, long and double layered coats may tolerate icy weather conditions better than others but are still at risk.  Small canines have bellies and legs that are closer which feel extreme conditions faster.  Paw pads, ears and nose are more vulnerable to frostbite.
  2. Winter weather paw care – Clip fur between toe pads to prevent ice build up. Clean snow and ice build up after coming in from the outdoors.   Wear booties if you pet will tolerate. 
  3. Collar your pet – During cold weather , more dogs are lost as they can’t find their way back home because there are fewer, familiar smells to guide them. 
  4. Prevent poisoning – Antifreeze can kill your pet!   Clean up spills are soon  as they happen.  If your pets have stepped in any de-icers, antifreeze or other toxic chemicals used on roads, wipe down their paws with a pet safe cleanser. Avoid letting them lick their paws to clean them.   If they ingest antifreeze call us immediately!!